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Awaken Productions

About Us

Awaken Productions was founded by two friends with a passion for the backcountry, filming and bringing communities together. Since then, the team has grown to a quality film production family. 

The Team

The People of Awaken


Meet the Man Behind the Lens

Josiah Smith - Awaken Productions Founder

Josiah has a passion for filming, photography, the backcountry and community. He has a great eye for capturing those special moments. 

He was raised between the communities of Moose Pass and Trapper Creek. His vibrant personality not only brings life to his videography and photography but it also brings people together. 

He started the annual Awaken Productions Winter Film Premier that features his annual film along with other talented videographers. The event also gives sponsors an opportunity to grow their brands and make community connections. 

Josiah Smith


Cece Miller 

Event & Sponsor Lead

Tommy Potter

Event & Sponsor Lead

Isaac Cortez

Event Spokesperson

Sierra Winter Smith

Marketing Coordinator

Nik Pahno

Event Spokesperson

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