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Videography | Business Promotion | Awakening of Winter Events

About Awaken Productions

Awaken Productions is a small business creating quality films focused on snowmachining in the backcountry and featuring the people that make Alaska great. We offer backcountry videography and photography as our primary service to you as a backcountry enthusiast. Extended services include business promotion, events, parties, family and individual photography and videography sessions. 

Awakening of Winter 3

Out Now

The third annual Awakening of Winter Film produced by Awaken Productions focusing on snowmachining (snowmobiling) in the backcountry of Alaska. 

Awaken Events

We focus on planning the Awakening of Winter event each fall. This event is all about bringing community members together to celebrate the upcoming winter season by reminiscing on the previous season by premiering short films by Alaskan videographers and premiering the annual Awakening of Winter film. Local vendors and sponsors can also set-up booths at our annual event to promote their business. 

Let Awaken Productions create something magical for you. Check out our services offered. All services are $60.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Hourly rate includes session and editing. 


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